Charlotte Divorce Attorney Discusses Marriage Difficulties Reported by Zimmerman's Wife

If your husband were arrested, how much of a strain would that put on your marriage? Add in the factor of you having to testify, and then finding yourself lying on the witness stand under oath, and you’d find yourself feeling a lot like Shellie Zimmerman, wife of George Zimmerman.

Although George Zimmerman was found not guilty of the charge of the murder Trayvon Martin, his wife is facing perjury charges for lying under oath.

Now, as reported by HLN, Shellie Zimmerman is unsure of what the future holds for her marriage.

“Common stresses in marriage can break up even long-standing marriages. Exacerbating stresses like criminal charges and jail time can add stress and strain that end up making you question whether staying married is the best thing for you,” says Charlotte divorce attorney Kate Bowles Miller.

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