Charlotte Family Law and Divorce Attorney Weighs in on Zimmerman Divorce Filings

As reported last week on this blog, wife of George Zimmerman, Shellie Zimmerman, had talked about their marriage being in jeopardy. One can imagine that the stresses of the murder trial took their toll on the marriage. Charlotte family law attorneys at Miller Bowles Cushing can assist you with your divorce case.

HLN reports Ms. Zimmerman filed official divorce documents this week.

“Ms. Zimmerman’s divorce filing is not altogether surprising. North Carolina laws allow for spouses to seek certain spousal and marital rights based upon the other spouse’s marital misconduct. Whether Ms. Zimmerman’s perjury charges or her estranged husband’s murder trial have any effect on their Florida divorce case is yet to be seen,” comments Miller Bowles Cushing Founding Partner, Christopher Miller.

If you or your spouse have committed acts of marital misconduct (for example adultery or abuse), your marital rights in North Carolina could be affected. Please call us today to schedule a one-on-one consultation with one of our attorneys to discuss your rights. The team at Miller Bowles Cushing is ready to help – (704) 810-1400.

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