Full Disclosure - Why Telling Your Attorney EVERYTHING Is Critical in Charlotte Divorce Cases

Your initial consultation with an attorney can be intimidating. As the old saying goes, “We’ve heard it all.”A consultation is a private, confidential meeting. Attorneys are not permitted to reveal what is discussed during the consultation or to even confirm the firm met with you.

The primary reason for this consultation being confidential is so you are free to disclose all information to the attorney, whether you believe it is important or not.

It is in your best interests to disclose as much information to your attorney as possible. One of the worst situations that can arise during the Attorney-Client relationship is when the attorney learns something new about the situation that could have an enormous impact upon the case, which could have been avoided if the client had provided that information to the attorney sooner.

Attorneys at Miller Bowles Cushing stress the importance of your initial consultation. Partner Chris Miller says “Our goal is that you will leave your consultation feeling educated about the law and legal process as it applies to your situation, and with an understanding of your options for protecting your legal rights. In order for Miller Bowles Cushing to best advise you about how the law applies to your life, it is very important that you fully disclose the facts of your situation to the attorney.”

To schedule a consultation, you can contact us by telephone (704) 810-1400, email (qledford@millerbowleslaw.com), or through our website. We will ask for basic contact information about yourself and your opposing party. This information is used solely for compliance with the North Carolina Rules of Ethics to ensure that we are permitted to meet with you. We cannot disclose your information to any third party.

You can select any of the Miller Bowles Cushing attorneys to meet for your consultation. Our attorneys have varying levels of experience, and hourly rates that are competitive with other Charlotte area family law firms.

We schedule consultations from Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm but can accommodate almost any schedule. Once your consultation is scheduled, you will receive an email providing you with information about the attorney you will be meeting with, as well as directions to our office and the free parking located on East Boulevard and behind our office in the private lot.

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