North Carolina to Eliminate Family Court?

On June 10, 2014, the North Carolina House Appropriations Committee issued a work-in-progress version of the House Budget which eliminates all State Family Court funding. You may review the budget via link below.

North Carolina’s Family Court was enacted in 1999 to handle all North Carolina family law related issues and is meant to be a “forum that resolves family-related issues in a manner that respects the rights of each individual family member, promotes the best interest of the family and helps families structure their own solutions.” Through the Family Court, judges, family court staff, and the legal community are able to efficiently move each case towards resolution through such action as the assignment of “one family, one judge”, continuous calendaring, and eliminating continuances. With the help of Family Court, North Carolina families have come to expect timely, consistent, and thoughtful outcomes to their legal issues.

Link to House Subcommittee Report for 6/10/14

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