Divorce Hotel: A New Divorce Package

Hotels are constantly offering up new and unique benefits to their guests in an increasingly competitive market. The Gideon Putnam Resort in Sarasota Springs, New York has topped the list of unique offerings — it will soon begin to offer a divorce package.

Marketed as “Divorce Hotel”, promises guests a divorce and resolution of all related matters by the end of a three-day stay. The hotel has partnered with a Netherlands-based company that operates similar ventures in other countries. In order to deliver this unique offering, the hotel will offer mediators to resolve all outstanding issues relating to divorce. According to ABC News, the package will cost guests approximately $5,000, unless there is a more complicated dispute between the parties, in which case another mediator might have to be hired at an additional cost.

Residents pursuing a North Carolina Divorce may not see a similar local offering any time soon, but they can still work to quickly resolve all of their North Carolina family law claims. Mediation, the same process offered as part of the “Divorce Hotel” is regularly used in North Carolina to resolve issues of Equitable Distribution, Alimony, Child Custody, and Child Support. While you may not be able to enjoy room service, spa treatment, or any of the other perks offered by a hotel stay, North Carolina residents can also work with their attorneys and mediator to resolve all marital issues.

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