"The Divorce Capital of Every State" - What You Need to Know

The online publication, 24/7 Wall St., recently published an article which analyzes divorce data from the Census Bureau to determine the “divorce capital” of every state in the country. The authors of the article poured over data from the Census Bureau’s 2016 American Community Survey to determine the percentage of the adult population that is divorced. They then located the cities or towns with the highest rates of divorce in each state.

According to the Census’ American Community Survey, a person was defined as divorced if they are legally divorced and not remarried. The study did not include parties that were legally separated but not yet divorced. Furthermore, the study did not include anyone who may have divorced at one point and then remarried. Rather, the study seems to focus solely on those who are at the moment single and previously divorced.

In North Carolina, the town of King holds the title of “divorce capital.” According to the Census, King, which is located just north of Winston-Salem, has a divorced population of 19.1%. King’s divorced population is almost twice the state average, which is 10.9% of the population.

While King topped the list for North Carolina, it did not earn the distinction of divorce capital of the nation. That distinction went to Clarkston, Washington. According to the Census, Clarkston, WA had the highest rate of divorce in the country, with a divorced rate of 25.7%. This means 1 out every 4 adults in the town are currently divorced. To put that into perspective, Clarkston’s rate of divorce is more than double the national average of 11%.

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