Divorce on The Big Screen

It isn't hard to think of movies or main characters that involve divorce, but it IS a little tough to name the Top 10 movies about divorce. So we polled our team of Attorneys at Miller Bowles Cushing, and here are the results:

  1. First Wives Club
  2. Mrs. Doubtfire
  3. Waiting to Exhale
  4. Eat Pray Love
  5. The Parent Trap (the original!)
  6. Under the Tuscan Sun
  7. It’s Complicated
  8. Kramer vs. Kramer
  9. Hope Floats
  10. Crazy Stupid Love

    Each of these movies covers at least one theme that family law entails - whether it's a cheating spouse, child custody, remarriage, or all of the above. Sometimes it can help you in your own family law case to curl up on the couch and just empathize with someone else (albeit a fictional character) who is going through the same thing as you.

After you finish your movie, call us to schedule your confidential consultation so you can get the legal advice you need to start moving forward with your life.

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