What Is Collaborative Practice in Divorce Cases?

Collaborative practice is an alternative to forms of dispute resolution that can leave the relationship between the parties damaged. Additionally, this practice seeks to end the frustrations a couple may feel due to the absence of control over their separation and/or divorce issues.

In collaborative practice, each party (represented by their own attorney) works in a cost- and time-effective manner to achieve a settlement that reflects their needs and interests. Furthermore, if this practice ultimately fails and the parties cannot agree, the overseeing attorneys cannot accompany the parties to the courtroom.

This concept works very well in family law cases because the parties generally seek to maintain the familial relationship they have with each other (especially when children are involved) and want to preserve this as best as possible. Aside from an efficient and swift resolution, collaborative practice allows for privacy and the ability to maintain complete control of the divorce process. There is no arbitrator, jury, or judge directing the outcome of the divorce case.

Dedicated Collaborative Divorce Attorneys

At Miller Bowles Cushing,  our collaborative divorce lawyers are certified by the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. We are well-equipped to handle collaborative practice in divorce and can guide you and your spouse towards decisions that will work for all parties involved.

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