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Guidance through the North Carolina Adoption Process

Adoption is the creation by law of the relationship of parent and child between two individuals. North Carolina law provides for both minors and adults to be adopted by other adults, but spouses cannot adopt each other.

One of the most common types of adoption is a Stepparent Adoption. Stepparent adoptions can occur when the other biological parent’s parental rights are terminated, relinquished, or if the other parent has passed away.

The two main steps In stepparent adoptions are:

  • The stepparent files the petition for adoption of the minor child
  • The stepparent’s spouse will file a consent to adoption.

A decree of adoption effects a complete substitution of families for all legal purposes, including inheritance and child support. It will also eliminate the former parents of all rights with respect to the adopted person. Simply stated, a decree of adoption cuts off the other parent’s side of the family tree and replaces it with the stepparent’s family tree. It is as if the stepparent is the natural parent of the adopted child.

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In a stepparent adoption, the intent of the biological parent is to maintain his or her parental rights while extending the rights and responsibilities of parenthood to another adult already acting in a parental role. With the assistance of a Charlotte adoption attorney, you can even ask the Court to change the minor child’s last name if you wish. A new birth certificate will be issued for the adoptee, and certain rights are created as between the stepparent and child.

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